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We keep a wide range of cake decorations in stock to suit a range of cake making needs. Many of our supplies are suited to a wedding cake. We also have specialist decorations specifically designed with wedding cakes in mind. We keep various white, cream and ivory satin ribbons, as well as a range of figurines to sit atop the wedding cake.

Wedding cake decorations

Weddings are expensive, and wedding cakes are certainly not cheap. Keep your costs down by making your own wedding cake. Our competitively priced decorations will keep your budget down, whilst still leaving you with a beautiful cake.

Decorate to a theme

If you have a specific theme or colour scheme you want to cater to then we can co-ordinate decorations for you, so as they match.

If there is a particular colour or decoration that you need, then we will endeavour to order it in for you.

Keeping down costs


Providing everything you need as a home cake decorator.