We sell a range of cake making accessories, including:


• Cake stands

• Cake boards

• Cake boxes

• Sugar craft equipment

• Food colourings

• Cake cases

• Muffin boxes

• Cake cutters

• Edible accessories

• Marzipan


We also have a selection of cake stands and cake tins for hire. Contact us to enquire about any of our cake making accessories in Hampshire.

For a range of cake making accessories in Hampshire

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Are you making a cake? At Capital Cake Craft we sell a wide range of cake making accessories to help you with your creation.


From utensils to cake stands, we have everything you need to make your cake from start to finish. Our knowledgeable staff can advise you on anything you may need, so feel free to pop into the shop and ask us for any help.

Making a cake

What we sell

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Providing everything you need as a home cake decorator.