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When you're creating a cake for a special occasion, you want it to look amazing. We stock everything you could possibly need to turn your cake into a masterpiece.


Whether you want to keep it simple with a ribbon surround, or you'd like to add intricate sugar craft details, we have all the accessories, craft items and advice to help you create your perfect cake.

Cake decorations

We stock a range of cake decorating supplies, including:

• Ribbon

• Figurines

• Edible glitter

• Edible food colouring

• Decorative marzipan


When you make a cake for someone else, you often want to personalise it for that person. You may be looking for something very specific to achieve this personal touch. If you require some specific or out of the ordinary cake decorations then please contact us and we will try and obtain them for you.

What we sell

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Providing everything you need as a home cake decorator.